How it works

Ok. So this is how the dress swap works.

You make a dress for someone and they make one for you. Simple. No money is exchanged to each other. $10 is all you pay to me for admin costs. You pay for the materials used. I highly recommend op shopping for materials as its not only cheap but you can find AMAZING vintage fabrics which can make the simplest of dresses into absolute stunners! You also pay for postage.

I team you up with someone else based on location and whether you can sew any size or need a partner your size! All this information will be collected in the application form.

The dress swap is about celebrating women, sewing, giving and this online community. There are no expectations. You will not be receiving perfect factory made garments. We are talking about lounge room floor, learn as you go dresses. Ethical.

You may be a professional seamstress, or are still learning, it doesn't matter. If you take part in this, its because you love the idea of making a dress for someone, and someone making a dress for you. You don't judge or count how many hours you spent compared to them. Expect a loose thread. You can fix it!

Maybe even see this as a lovely opportunity to call your nan, and ask her to help you make your dress.

This swap is not about doubting your ability. If you have the skill to sew two pieces together and make a simple A-line dress, then hooray! If you are going to get the patterns and zips and buttons and trims, then hooray! It's all welcome!

And...if this is something you are in love with but cant even spell sow, then your option is to purchase a handmade dress from a local, independent maker. There are so many wonderful individuals making dresses and selling them to make a living. You can buy one, and then send that as your contribution. Up to you. You can find my personal favourites here.

You will have two months to make your dress. It needs to be sent in those two months. You can take a day, or take two months. Up to you.

Sound like you want to be part of this? Read the rules then submit the application form!