The rules

These aren't really rules, but following the below advice, will result in a much easier and enjoyable process and the swap can be exactly how its intended to be!

Once you return the application form, that's a guarantee you are in. So read the below rules and read the application form a couple of times before deciding. Unless life gets pretty crappy(and please do contact me if it does), please do not pull out of the swap. Ok, the rules:

1. You promise to send a dress to your partner. Promise!
2. You are happy to send overseas- I will try match people up in the same country, but if you apply, I know you are happy if I cannot do this.
3.You will stay in contact with your partner and check emails/Facebook/instagram regularly.
4. You will take a photo of the finished product and take a photo of the dress you receive and email them to me.
5. If you cannot sew, you will send a handmade dress from a local, independent maker. Think handmade markets, etsy, instagram(see my favourites).
6. You are happy to receive a handmade dress that has been BOUGHT.
7. You will contact me and let me know if life has taken a sour turn and you just cannot take part anymore. But please try, as your partner will miss out.
8. You understand life can get nasty sometimes, so if your partner ends up having to quit, that's ok! You will sign up next year again.
9. You will not judge yourself.
10. You will not judge the dress you receive.
11. If you spend lots of money on materials, its your choice, and your partner does not need to do the same.
12. You will fill out your application form as best you can and contact me if you have any questions/suggestions! Please send it back to me asap.
13. Please do not rely only on the info on the application form to make your dress. Contact and chat to your partner. 
14. You will have your dress in the mail no later than the due date.
15. Anything you think of that I've not covered, please contact me.
16. Please share the love. Let people you know about this and invite others to be part of it!
17. Happy Sewing!